Between You and I – Podcast #2 – Kim Virant

Well holly hallelujah it’s podcast #2 with my great friend Kim Virant. The big reason we moved back to Seattle was for the family and friendship. Kim and I have known each other for over 20 years and it’s only recently that we have found each other as confidants. And boy has it been helpful. Finally someone who shares some of the same fears around performance, creativity and life’s ups and downs.

I was not the kind of girl who had close girlfriends. I’ve always been kind of lonerish and caught up in day dreams. It’s not that I didn’t want my friend circle but maybe I just did not know how to start are sustain that. Not so in the last 5 years or so. I finally realized that I have to try. I  have to reach out. and as Kim says, “You gotta nurture that shit”.

So true. I’m so grateful for friendships like the one I have with Kim. No matter where I end up I know that I can call her. She is no nonsense, smart, caring and crap ola talented. We calm each other down when needed. We rally around and support too. I hope I’m as big a help to her as she can be to me.

Please enjoy!!



NOTE: We are also playing a show together May 27 at Chop Suey starting at 6pm.

ALSO: currently I’m doing an Indiegogo to raise money to record. Kim reminded me to mention it! Thank you.

Love to all,


Carrie and Kim


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