Leap of Faith

Hi Gang!

I am not a straight forward religious person. I do believe in God but I may also call it the Universe, Source, Higher Power… yest I’m that gal. Always have been. This week I’ve really had to actively work or participate in trusting that upper source of trust and strength by taking a total leap of faith.

I have been feeling for a long time that I really never totally belonged in the corporate world. It’s gotten me money, taken me places and even brought some beautiful people into my life but I have NEVER felt at home. I just don’t have the desire to climb ladders or base my worth on producing things for companies. Remember I spent my 20s being a self sustaining artist so it’s really hard to reign it in enough to care about what becomes SOOO serious in work places. Here no disrespect to all the amazing intelligent, talented and hard working folks I have worked with. But sometimes office politics and the culture imposed is bullshit. Straight up unreal and not worth diminishing your self worth over.
(can you tell I’ve been bitten/hurt before by this!) Ok onward…

Back to my real point. I truly believe that I am meant, am already, a healer. I’ve been feeling it in my heart for so long but couldn’t define it, what that feeling was or hadn’t quite put it into words. I believe I’ve been doing that already through music, but now will also through coaching, teaching kids and adults, songwriting and creative empowerment workshops, yoga and yes through music! I can share my wish to help people break through fear, do what they want to, and help them find and feel good about who their authentic selves are in this world and lifetime.

So here was my leap. I left my last job in the digital world in January. I’d saved money to supplement that income loss and have been para educating in the public school system and teaching at a Theater/Arts school. Some of teaching I love, some of it…not so much but whatever. I’m running out of money… so I panicked and applied but tech work, got the phone interview and now the in person. And you know what? I’ve been dreading it the whole time. Bad gut feeling That is no way to live.

FAITH LEAP: So I’m walking away from the interview. I’m staying the course of my gut/faith. I will figure it out!

I pause here and say I know to those who struggle for work or are having a hard time with getting hired, this may seem massively ridiculous and self indulgent and privileged. I can see that side. Just trust me that I know this and also believe that it takes courage, smarts and for good reasons I must carve out a life, if I can, that I love or I will slowly erode. I think that is true for anyone who is living/working a life that isn’t authentic.

What I really want and am starting to do is life/creative coach, teach, heal people, help people, workshop, blog, vlog, podcast etc…yes play music. I’m taking yoga teacher training (I graduate in June!)…I’m building this new world! Dammit I’m doing this. I have some many great friends and examples of people doing the same. I’m going to follow suite and make my tribe!

Come check out the beginnings of my new work at:
http://www.carrieakrecreative.com – want a session? Book on this site!
https://www.facebook.com/CarrieAkreDannyNewcomb/?ref=bookmarks – MORE SHOWS IN MAY

Over and upward!
Thanks for reading!
Spread the word!

PS: if you are struggles with career, job, life path questions! Come see me!!!!

Love you,


One thought on “Leap of Faith

  1. You are on YOUR path. It’s the one YOU have to walk. Do what your gut/higher power tells you. As far as walking away from the interview, someone out there is thankful that they have a greater chance of getting the job because 1 person decided it’s not for them. Everything we do has a positive AND negative impact on this existence. That’s what makes this life so interesting. Stay the course Carrie.

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