Just So You know I’m Not Perfect

Just so you don’t think I’ve got this all figured out. I have been waffling, rationalizing, second guessing and hedging. Have I canceled those interviews I mentioned? No! I’ve been doing circular conversations with myself and my husband since my last post.

Here are the conversations in my head:
1. I’ll just go and not care.
2. I could do the work and then quit when i want.
3. It won’t suck the life out of me cause I won’t let it.
4. I’ll make sure I’m doing all the other real work I want to do as well. That includes: yoga, writing, coaching, promoting coaching, workshops, working out, cooking, hanging with my son, hanging with my husband, playing music, writing music, podcasting and blogging. Yeah I’ll just fit that in nicely around a 40hr work week…I’m nuts.

See where I am? I just wanted to write and show anyone who needs to see that these changes aren’t always done in straight line. I am on the edge of trying to trust that money will show up, I’ll know what I’m doing, clients will show up, this new business of coaching will grow.

Right now my stress is just momentarily about money. One or two months of unsureness. But bigger than that is needed this trust that if I walk off the cliff the universe will meet me. I could use a hug! Feel free to leave one here.

For anyone in the same place as me, know that I am in it! I am right here in it with you. Come have a session together on it. www.carrieakrecreative.com

Am I going to cancel the interviews for Wednesday? I don’t know right this minute.

Stay tuned…



5 thoughts on “Just So You know I’m Not Perfect

  1. stevemcqueenofnothingness says:

    Hi Carrie! Here’s a hug from someone who just went through this. Took the interview, got the job, hated it and what it did to me. During the process of reacting (Do I quit? What am I supposed to be doing? What is the universe trying to say?) my wife got laid off and now the job has a whole new importance. Damned if I know the lesson here. I was kind of hoping you did.

    My take is that new potential avenues open all the time. We just have to make the choice to follow them and sometimes that isn’t as life altering of an event as we perceive it to be. It’s like going for a walk with the purpose of getting lost. Doesn’t matter which road you choose really. You don’t like it you’ll be off it soon enough. Or just don’t go that way. Let yourself surprise yourself.

    • I think you’re right. Either way it’s all in how I look at it. Truth is I could work there for a couple months and then be done. We have been paying down any debt so that we have income level freedom but we are quite free yet! It’s not forever and things can change thank goodness! Was you wife happy about the layoff? Once she is back at work can you contemplate a job change? Just wondering. Thanks for the hug!

      • stevemcqueenofnothingness says:

        Oh, she wasn’t entirely caught off guard by it and I doubt she’ll be out of work for very long. She’s actually coming around to recognizing that it was probably the best thing for her creatively and professionally. Transition can really jam a stick into your spokes though if you allow yourself to look at it that way.

        Our grandparents’ generation held onto jobs with clenched fists. People used to retire from jobs they’d held for 40 years! 40 years! I can’t imagine four years myself. Today you’ve got to be adaptable. You’ve got to lean in to the unexpected turns.

        Whether or not you take this job, the universe obviously has a plan for you. You’re smart, talented, experienced and creative. You’re a respected expert in your field and you can connect with people on a real, deeply meaningful level. You couldn’t possibly hide all of that if you tried. You’ll get what you need, or you’ll make what you get work. You’re fucking Carrie Akre. Seriously. Go get them, or don’t, but make that choice because it’s right for You.

        Cheerleader mode off.😘

  2. Baiba says:

    I totally get it – I have the 40 hour career and it greatly reduces any ability to invest time into other more creative things – there are parts that are very gratifying but I also know my own ability to motivate and think I could create an amazing life for myself but too scared to let go – yet. Love ya! *hugs

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