Did I go?…

NO! I did not go to those interviews.

Can you believe it? I sweated over that email. Looked at my computer forever. Then pressed send. I decided that now is that time to go with my gut. Trust.

I think I’ve been mentioning and leading up to this change that requires me to truly follow my gut. I’ve talked to so many others who have hit this spot where they new change was required, risk was needed, faith was a must. That is me now.

I am in the river of change and I’ll be teaching and working with others, (Workshop to come to http://www.samdhanakaranayoga.org/) all together as we navigate to our futures that are based on authenticity, facing fear and trusting our intuition/gut decisions.

ALSO: I remember me, my favorite me. I’ve seen photos of her in her flaming red hair, swinging a microphone. I remember the fire burn in my lungs as I tried to sing, run around, sweat and live loudly in front of few and sometimes many! I liked that me. I am still that person.


I am more now. I am older, wiser, carved out, a mother, wife, a healer, singer, artist, friend and seeker. I am morphing and referring back to who I really am at the same time.

I will be teaching, gathering a band together, travelling, playing music, reading a ton, taking classes, finding you all here as well…I hope so much.

Just a note for today. I haven’t said before but if this blog helps you please share it and spread the word. I like doing this and want to spread out to as many as I can find and see what happens. Thank you!

So determined to create and here is how I’m doing that for now:


Danny and Carrie house shows – T-shirts/stickers too!!
May 19th – Sleight of Hand Tasting Room – Walla Walla
May 20th – House Show – KennewickMore in June

Danny Newcomb – Record Release – 6/3 – I’m opening

Goodness LP GoFundMe: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/goodness-first-album-on-vinyl-music#/

Carrie Akre Creative – Coaching – Book a Session

Carrie Akre – music – new EP and show to come!

I luvs ya! Live well! Be kind! Be nice/compassionate to you own damn self too!



2 thoughts on “Did I go?…

  1. stevemcqueenofnothingness says:

    Ha! I wanted to know, but didn’t want to ask. I’m so glad you made the choice! I love that you labored over the email and I love the apparent release that decision has given you. You sound like yourself again! Come play in Portland again! I want stickers!

  2. Baiba says:

    “I am more now”…,

    I remember “that you”, and I love this you!

    That paragraphafee tear up and sums up exactly who I am today. I lost me. It will not happen again (I hope). But I’ve always connected with your writing, and I’m thankful for the fact you still share your heart with us. Your music is as gorgeous as your spirit. Thank you seems – empty. ❤️

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