Panic Day

Some days I’m just not feeling it. I’m in the pocket with new ideas and belief and energy to move on it. Today not so much…then I panic cause I want things done and solid.

Fear crept in and is messing with my foundation. I’m in that place where there are a lot of ideas I have on things I like to do and then there are the bills to pay. I’ve been listening to so many self-help books and no one talks, at length, about the time in the middle before success. I mean in detail. The minutia of how you doubt and flail daily sometimes. I want to hear what that feels like and what they did to move forward.

I think it’s just in the doing and I won’t quite know till I’m there. That ain’t easy.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Here are the things I will do and the garbage flying around these ideas:

Blog/Write – don’t know what that will lead to but I’m ok with mystery for now.

Record – when, what should it sound like, who will play on it, how will I pay for it? I’m over whelmed a bit

Teach – doing my songwriting classes and will write down all that comes to me that I think will help anyone wanting to write. This class is also just about building a strong self foundation to get any answer on anything

Retreats – I’d like to create my own band/songwriter retreat to deep dive/work hard with a group and teach

DON’T FALL APART – Deep breathe and don’t dive into a ton of wine and food. Be here now is one of my pieces of work right now.

Perform – UGH, I mean yeah? I’m doing some of it but it’s fall/winter and I need to deep dive after November and go within!

Get a job to help pay for it – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Welcome to my mind! I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m off to take my son to work and hang with a kid who repeatedly asks if I’m pregnant and why am I fat. Yeah that feels great.




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