Songwriting Class

Did I tell you I’m teaching Songwriting Workshops? I finished one yesterday and know this is something I love to do. These workshops aren’t just about writing songs. They really are about diving inside yourself to find your authentic voice. I really believe that it’s most important that folks strive to find and nurture their authentic selves. That they love what they do and create their personal vision before anyone else’s opinion.

The Artist Way is such a good book for teaching this and more. I swear I’ve purchased that book over 15 times only to give it away because I find someone who, I think, really needs it. It it, Julie Cameron talks so much about protecting your artist so that you can foster your particular vision. I think people need that everywhere in their lives.

I love the profound idea of how unique each person is. There is only one of you. There will only be one of you, ever. What unique thing will you bring out? Are you going to deny the world what only you and show us? That would be a shame.

I started a coaching/mentoring/teaching business because I think one unique thing I bring to planet earth is the desire and ability to empower people. I want you to be everything you wan to be. If we only have one time on this planet (if you believe that), then what the hell are we wasting time on denying sharing/doing/being who you are authentically meant to be?

If you want like to be ranted at, more like this, I have another Songwriting Workshop on Dec 9th at Feast Arts Center (cost:$40). It runs from 1-5pm – tickets up soon. This class is for anyone! Even if you haven’t ever written a song. We focus mostly on lyrics/themes/words and move into, if we have time, performance/melody – share a song, please if you like.

For information on having a one/one coaching session – check out my website! Please spread the word to anyone you feel could use the support and love it!

Happy Daylight Savings – a crud I lost an hour!!! Still dark out!

Big love to you all!



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